Male Condom
Cloak the joker, before you poke her.

Information on the male condom

-It is located on the shaft of the penis.

-They are 85-95% effective against pregnancy.

-It prevents the sperm from entering the vagina.

-Be sure to always use a new condom before sexual intercourse.

-The condom may come off during sex because it may be too small or too large. (there are many different sizes) Remove penis from vagina while holding on to the edge of condom.

-If using a lubricant, be sure to use one that is water-based, i.e. K-Y jelly.

-Most condoms are a latex.

-Some brands have spermacides in them and these can cause an allergic reaction.

-Condoms are highly effective against HIV.

-Condoms can break due to exposure to heat. which means you shouldn't keep them in your glove compartment or wallet.

-Do not try to flush down the toilet.

How to put a condom on.

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