The Making of my house.

Name: Elliot, teachers name: Mr cheyne.

The insulator I would use would foal and double wooding and to brink walls, the reason because I would use foal is that the foal helps keep the heat out and the cool in, because the heat is attracted to the cooled air, and the reason I would use double wooding is because it gives the roof a larger that means there's more cold air and less heat, again because the more Rome the less hot air can be bunched up and this also allows the cool air to interfere and help get rid of the hot air. The reason why I chose to have too brink walls and a little bit of a space apart. This helps the hot air travel between the to walls this helps cool air stay in the home and makes the people living in it to have a cool life.

The way to make a house water effective is by having no leaking tapes, solar energy to heat up the water instead of wasting it, also an other way to save energy and water efficiently is by using a water tank to save water and to can get rain water that can be purify to drinking water and can be used for a swimming pool and to do the washing up in, also an other way to purify water is to recycle water like tolites water and wash up water to some sort of storage that and allow the purifying stage and by using this type of recycling water can also be used for drinking and bottled water, and another way to save water is to use it in moderation and not willy nilly, the way to do this is by not having long showers and not using a lot of water to wash up clothiers and dishes,

The electrical stuff would be to use lights and power plugs to save wasted energy, and frigates to keep food cool that saves money, and air con and fans because you need to keep cool instead of getting hot and getting sick that waste money from hospital bills and doctor bills. large windows and medium size doors to keep the air flow through the house depending were you are at this helps save money from air con and fans, the way I would incorporate shade is by adding trees where the sun goes up/rise and down/sunset. so the light hits the trees instead of coming in the house and getting hot and very uncomfortable and having to have air con on that can waste energy if used lots of times.

They way I would operate my house would to not waste energy like use air con, lights, fans,leavening tv on, leaving fridge doors open. Plus food will be saved from going off that save money and time and room, and to have a water efficient house that will also save money. And also to incorporate shade to keep the heat out and the cooled in,

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