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About Haberman Management Corp

Ross Haberman is President of Haberman Management Corp., an investment money management firm headquartered in New York City. Personally managed by Mr. Haberman, the privately held company serves as an investment vehicle for his family’s funds. Haberman Management Corp., which was founded twenty one years ago, currently invests in small-cap securities.

A 1985 graduate of New York University with a Master of Business Administration, Ross Haberman has spent more than 25 years in the financial services industry. Upon completing his education, he went to work as an Analyst with R.D. Smith & Co, where he specialized in bankrupt and distressed securities. His focus on distressed bonds and small-cap securities continued at W.R. Family Associates, where he served as an Analyst and Money Manager. Beginning in 1992, he ran a successful hedge fund, which was profitable for 16 out of 18 years. The fund concentrated on small-cap stocks and included more than 90 outside investors.

In 2010, the analyst and investment manager turned his talents to his own firm, where he conducts all research, security selection, and asset allocation.

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