Hans Overturf

The Investment Management Career History of Hans Overturf

About Hans Overturf

An accomplished investment management professional, Hans Overturf holds diverse experience in managing the investment portfolios of individuals, families, and businesses in Northern California. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he manages the investment accounts for a company in Tiburon and maintains minor ownership of several local businesses. His most recent career history includes serving as a financial advisor at Raymond James Financial Services in San Francisco and overseeing a private financial services practice located in Arcata, California. Earlier in his career, Hans Overturf gained experience in the investment management industry serving as a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley. During that time, he was honored with the Rising Star Award and the Morgan Stanley National Director’s Award.

Hans Overturf was born in Switzerland, where he worked as a junior postmaster and served for two years in the Swiss Armed Forces. Upon relocating to the United States in 1996, he enrolled at Humboldt State University to complete his bachelor’s degree in economics. His professional qualifications include earning Series 7, 66, and 24 licenses.

Tips for the Week Leading Up to a Full or Half Marathon

Investments professional Hans Overturf is an avid runner who enjoys participating in distance events. As Hans Overturf knows firsthand, the week leading up to a full or half marathon event can prove extremely demanding. Runners must ensure that their muscles are in peak condition for the event while also mentally preparing for the stress of such a long run.

Two of the most important things not to do during this week involve making up for lost training sessions and comparing oneself to other competitors. This late in the game, squeezing in additional workouts will prove counterproductive and make competitors feel worn out as the day of the event approaches. Also, comparisons with other competitors may make people feel anxious for no reason.

During this week, runners should ideally relax and get as much sleep as possible. By getting rest, competitors can approach the race with maximum energy. At the same time, racers should stay true to their normal routine to keep their biorhythms in order. In the end, this routine boosts overall performance.

An Overview of the American Helicopter Pilot Licensure Process

Outside of his career as an investor, Hans Overturf pursues a number of hobbies. As an experienced pilot, Hans Overturf maintains licensure as a private pilot helicopter operator.

The licensure process differs according to whether individuals have any pilot rating. Individuals with no rating must take 20 hours of instruction and log 20 hours of solo practice. Most people have about 45 hours of dual instruction before they begin flying by themselves, so the total time commitment is more than 60 hours. Candidates must also pass a written exam consisting of multiple-choice questions. Finally, candidates take an oral exam and a flight test with an examiner.

When pilots already have an airplane certificate, they are not considered student pilots so the regulations are slightly different. Most notably, these individuals do not have to gain experience in the all of the various flight categories required of beginners. The process still requires about 40 hours of dual instruction and about 15 hours of solo flight time.

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