Happy Holidays

From the Happy Hattas of Cleveland, Ohio

What Is This?

This, dear friends, is our 2012 Holiday Card.  Much to the disappointment of your refrigerator magnets (and Shutterfly), we decided to go paperless this year and move our annual holiday mailing to the interwebs.  This difficult decision was influenced by multiple factors - our commitment to preserving Mother Earth's precious resources, our increasing inability to do anything other than keep our kids alive (barely), and the pending fiscal cliff. Oh, and Hatta works for Tackk and wanted to show you how cool he is. Nevertheless, we wish you all a warm, safe and happy holiday season.

As a demonstration of how much we care about you, we'll proceed to talk about ourselves throughout the remainder of this Holiday Tackk.  Enjoy!


Megan, Robert, Sydney and Oliver

Sydney,  3.5 years

Sydney became a preschooler this year, without her consent.  She still makes it clear that going to school every day is not her idea.  But she's started to come around and enjoys the easy access to art supplies that school provides.  Her artistic spirit also shows in the outfits she chooses to wear each day.  We're committed to letting her express herself freely, even if it means fairy wings and rubber boots at the grocery store.

If you follow Meg's Facebook updates, you're likely familiar with some of the more memorable quotes that come out of Sydney's mouth.  This was one of our favorites...

Hatta: "Sydney, you can't run around naked when we have friends over."
Sydney: "OK. I will walk."

Oliver, 1.75 years

"Hey, Oliver, Emmanuel Lewis called... he wants his body back."  Seriously, we think we've got a child actor on our hands.  Not only is he adorable, Oliver is freakishly tiny.  He's gained exactly 1 pound in 2012 and ranks in the 4th percentile for weight.  He'll be that 24 year-old actor playing a toddler in a cheesy sit-com.  We can't wait for rehab and the reality TV comeback. 

Oliver really is a sweet boy with a devilish sense of humor and bright smile.  He is starting to challenge his sister's household supremacy, while adding to his ever-growing vocabulary.  "Tuck" is now understood to mean: truck, stuck, duck, quack and, of course, Justin Tuck of the New York Giants


Meg continues her work as a nurse with University Hospitals and The Free Clinic of Cleveland in addition to her role as the only adult member of the Hatta household.  She counts shaving her legs more than once as her most significant achievement in 2012.


Hatta reached a rare milestone this year.  In the 15 years since graduating from college, he's worked for 10 companies - and that's not counting a stint at Chili's.  In September, he joined Tackk as its COO and is part of a small team trying to build the next great internet company (and the first in Cleveland).  In preparation for this role, he stopped shaving and wears skinny jeans and hoodies exclusively. 

If you want to be on this list next year, you'll tell all your friends about Tackk.

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