Teen Suicide

By: Hope Roy

Suicide is the third leading cause in deaths of people the ages of 15-24 as well as the sixth leading cause of deaths for people the ages of 5-14. The number of suicide's each year is around 4,600, they also seem to use firearms more often then after that suffocation. Though there are signs of it; A noticeable change in personality, change of eating habits, having difficulty focusing, frequent complaints of stomach aches, etc. It also says that males seem to have more of a chance to commit suicide than females. If you're child says that he/she is going to commit suicide you should always take it seriously and to not just brush it off.

Guys, it doesn't have to end like this! I was once told things can only get better, that even if you have enemies there are people who love you and would hate for you to commit this act. I can't say I've wanted to do it myself, and I've been through some pretty bad things, though I can say that think of all things that make you happy and don't think about the things that are pushing you down. I may not know who you are, what you've been through or what you're currently going through, but I wish the best for you. I promise you, even though it gets bad it can only get better!

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