Harp Elementary Disc Golf Course

Program Implementation Assessment
LIBM 6371 Design. Info Programs
November 7, 2013

In order to benefit the students and surrounding community of Harp Elementary School in Springdale, AR. the decision was made to have a 9 Hole Disc Golf Course installed on school property. Disc Golf is a healthy way to bring family and friends together. In addition, it is inexpensive, accessible to all skill levels and it is easy to maintain the course.

To provide funds for the equipment and installation, COX Communications was contacted and as a Partner in Education, they committed to match funds raised up to $2500. A school wide fundraiser was then started to raise the initial $2500. The fundraiser included a coin drive, a school spirit 'Hat Day' (students paid $1 to wear a hat), $1 Lollipop day and Teacher Jean week (teachers paid $5 to wear jeans for the week). As of November 1st, $2100 had been raised (and will be matched by Cox. This is enough to begin ordering equipment.)

During the fundraiser, there was also a Disc Golf question of the week. Students were able to write their answer on a sheet of paper and their name was put into a weekly drawing for prizes. Questions included a math question (eg. There are 630 students, how much could each student bring to meet the fundraising goal?), an art contest and a writing contest (eg. Write a paragraph about the benefits of disc golf).

In addition, the Springdale media department was contacted and produced a 30 second commercial advertising the Disc Golf Course fundraiser at Harp Elementary. The commercial featured students from Harp Elementary's 1:10 class. COX Communications offered to run the advertisement on their local stations at no cost to the school.

COX Communications representatives attended the assembly with their mascot Digeez. Digeez greeted students and congratulated them on their successful fundraiser. In addition, COX provided enough frisbees for each student to receive as a reward for their fundraising efforts.

A local Disc Golf team has volunteered to plan and install the disc golf course once the equipment is received at the school site.

Thank you to Kelly Zega & John Sampson @ Cox Communications; Allison Strange, principal @ Harp Elementary; Springdale Media Department; Ray Moore and the NWA Chain Gang disc golf team, and the students and families of Harp Elementary.

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