Heather Alibrando

Southern California Realtor and Dog Activist

About Heather Alibrando

Since 2010, longtime Southern California resident Heather Alibrando has served as a realtor for Harcourts, where she utilizes her accrued understanding of the area to help her clients purchase the perfect home for themselves and their families. Being a long-term resident, she also has an insider’s grasp on the ebb and flow of the local market, which enables her to assist her clients in both buying and selling at the right time. It was this knowledge that led Heather Alibrando to hold on to her own home during the downturn in the economy, a decision that allowed her not only to recoup her home’s value but to sell it for a profit when the market finally turned.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Heather Alibrando involves herself deeply in dog rescue efforts. With the help of her family, she has provided placement for a number of sick and abandoned dogs, including 11 such animals in 2013 alone.

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