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About Henry Vail II

Wealth advisor Henry E. Vail believes in taking a holistic approach to managing his clients’ finances. His firm, Sucré-Vail Wealth Advisors, specializes in serving the diverse financial needs of physicians, and Mr. Vail himself approaches his work much as one of his clients might approach a patient consultation. Before suggesting a course of action, he employs the “ask, listen, diagnose, educate, treat” principle of service, recommending wealth management strategies that meet clients’ individual needs and ensure that they are engaged throughout the course of the relationship. After initial consultations, Henry Vail II, much like a physician referring a patient to a specialist, connects his clients with third-party institutions that choose the best money managers from every market sector to handle clients’ specific needs.

This model of service, along with the firm’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and top-tier ethical standards, earned Sucré-Vail an MD Preferred® Financial Advisory Service Award. Henry E. Vail sees the award as an acknowledgement of his company’s commitment to leading its clients in a lifelong journey that encompasses not only matters of wealth management but also matters of overall financial wellness.
In addition to providing asset management and protection services, Henry Vail II specializes in guiding physicians through wealth accumulation, trust and estate planning, and charitable giving. While Mr. Vail provides his clients with comprehensive wealth management to meet their busy schedules, he also makes available on his firm’s website a host of resources (including market summaries, industry news, and calculators) that enable clients to educate themselves.

Henry E. Vail prepared for his career during his time at Lamar University, where he earned a BBA in Marketing and Finance. Later, he completed the Certified Financial Planning curriculum at the University of Houston. Outside work, Mr. Vail enjoys playing golf, fishing, white-water rafting, and boating. He lives near Houston, Texas.

Planned Giving Council of Houston Operates Mentor Program

With expertise in tax and estate planning, private wealth advisor Henry E. Vail II co-manages the investment advisory firm Sucré-Vail Wealth Advisors in Houston. Henry Vail II also stays at the forefront of his field by maintaining memberships with several professional organizations, including the Planned Giving Council of Houston (PGCH).

In addition to professional resources and conferences, PGCH maintains the Mentor Program for members who want to give or receive assistance related to planned giving, fundraising, and development. The program connects new members with mid- to senior-level members for one year of individual counseling and cross-training sessions. During the year, mentors are available for a minimum of one meeting and two phone calls, while the mentee is responsible for seeking assistance and maintaining contact.

A mentor also can help colleagues learn more about the technical aspects of various topics, such as trusts and foundations and estate planning. Through the mentorship program, professionals often share information about networking, planned giving tools, and professional opportunities in estate planning.

Financial Educational Resources from Sucre-Vail

A member of the RIA Board of Advisors at WealthManagement.com, Henry E. Vail II draws on extensive experience in areas ranging from asset protection and financial management to trust and estate planning. As a private wealth advisor, Henry Vail II has provided wealth management services through his company, Sucre-Vail Wealth Advisors.

Sucre-Vail Wealth Advisors provides a variety of resources for investors and individuals interested in achieving a healthy financial state. Examples range from a market watch to stock quotes and industry news. The company also offers a regular market commentary in which it shares details on the world financial state. Included are a variety of articles and graphs. Some recent article titles include “Greece Votes ‘NO.’ What Now?” and “China Sneezed; Will the Rest of the World Catch a Cold?” In addition, the firm provides its clients with a weekly market update covering the economy, stocks and bonds, and commodities.

To read these articles or to explore other resources from Sucre-Vail Wealth Advisors, visit their website at www.sucrevailwa.com.

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