Hillary Stiff

Managing Director of Cheval Capital, Inc

About Hillary Stiff

Hillary Stiff is the Managing Director of Cheval Capital, Inc., a specialized investment banking firm focused on the webhosting and Internet services sector. Highly proficient in helping companies complete acquisitions, raise funds, and work through an array of complex financial situations, Cheval Capital ranks as a leading investment banker in their niche. Serving Cheval Capital since 1994, Hillary Stiff has concentrated her efforts on acquisitions in the ISP and webhosting industries for the last 15 years. To date, she has facilitated more than 210 transactions involving hosting, ISP, and various related Internet services.

Hillary Stiff has fulfilled an array of roles over the course of her career and has worked with numerous clients including NTT/Verio, Web.com, and the Endurance International Group among many others. Prior to joining Cheval Capital, she was Chief Financial Officer for Dispatch Communications, a wireless company she joined in 1989. Among her achievements was her role in facilitating the $500 million acquisition of Dispatch Communications by Nextel in 1993. Hillary Stiff possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics from American University in Washington, D.C.

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