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Educational History and Career

About Hilt Tatum IV

A well-educated and ambitious leader, Oscar Hilt Tatum IV began his professional career after pursuing an education in business. He took undergraduate business courses at Eckerd College, the Institute for American University in France, and the University of Montana. During his time as an undergraduate, Oscar Hilt Tatum IV joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity while studying international business. He earned a post-graduate business degree at the University of Oxford and studied private equity in a master class at London Business School.

Currently, Oscar Hilt Tatum IV works in Panama City, Panama, as the chief executive officer of IPoint Capital Partners. In this professional capacity, he spearheads a collection of venture capital and private equity investments. In his five years leading the firm, he has expanded IPoint’s reach to Europe, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean, where he has established over 20 successful businesses.

In his spare time, Oscar Hilt Tatum IV enjoys giving back to his community, golfing, and fishing. 

Golfing for Beginners: Defining Par

Business development professional Hilt Tatum IV serves Oxford Consulting Group in Panama as company chairman, and iPoint Capital Partners as president. Dividing his time between Panama, Asia, and Europe, Hilt Tatum IV can usually be found on a golf course improving his game in his spare time.

Beginner golfers are bound to hear unfamiliar terms being exchanged between players on the course. One of the most fundamental aspects of the game for new golfers to understand is the scoring system. This somewhat complex system is based on the concept of “par”, that is, the number of strokes an advanced-level golfer would require to put a ball into a particular hole, thus completing the hole. Each golf course contains holes that vary in length and difficulty, and the par scores are marked accordingly: three, four, or five. In all cases, a par score always permits two putts for the ball to reach the hole once it lands on the green.

A hole with a total distance of 150 yards might be allocated a par of three. This indicates that an expert player could land a golf ball on the green after just one shot, completing the hole with two putts. Although an experienced or lucky player could complete such a hole in fewer than three strokes, more often than not golfers exceed the par score by one or more shots.

Child Sponsorship through Save the Children

A founding partner and president of iPoint Capital Partners, a private equity firm, Hilt Tatum IV serves on the boards of directors and executive committees of multiple companies in iPoint Capital’s portfolio. Apart from his professional responsibilities, Hilt Tatum IV supports a number of charitable organizations, including Save the Children, a nonprofit that advocates for the needs of children in the United States and more than 120 countries around the world.

As part of its mission to help children in need, Save the Children offers supporters the opportunity to sponsor a child. For less than a dollar a day, sponsors can make a vast difference in areas such as education, school health, and nutrition for children. Donations not only improve life for the sponsored children, but they also support parents and entire communities through the development of programs aimed at minimizing child exploitation and improving educational opportunities.

In exchange for their donations, sponsors receive handwritten drawings and correspondence from the children, in addition to a quarterly newsletter and updates from local staff.

The International Game Fish Association Teaches the Basics of Fishing

An experienced financial professional, Hilt Tatum IV serves as the founding partner and group president of iPoint Capital Partners. In his free time, Hilt Tatum IV is an avid fisherman who supports the International Game Fish Association, a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible fishing practices through programs and activities aimed at record keeping, conservation, and education.

In pursuit of its mission, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) operates several public fishing programs designed to teach novice anglers the basics of the sport. Throughout the year, the IGFA offers family fishing clinics for children and adults of all ages at its museum in Dania Beach, Florida.

Prior to testing their fishing skills at the museum’s fish pond, clinic participants learn about the different parts of the rod and reel as well as the function and use of certain baits and lures. In addition, they are taught how to cast, tie knots, properly catch and release fish, and stay safe while angling. Once they learn these basic skills, participants are provided with the equipment and bait needed to enjoy an afternoon of catch-and-release fishing.

Tips from the PGA for Golf Course Ettiquette

Hilt Tatum IV is a distinguished entrepreneur and business professional who is the chairman of Oxford Consulting Group in Panama City, Panama. In addition, Mr. Tatum co-founded iPoint Capital Partners in Panama City. Aside from his career and having recently earned an advanced business degree from Oxford University, Hilt Tatum IV maintains an active lifestyle that includes playing golf. The Professional Golf Association (PGA) offers some guidelines for golf etiquette.

-Golfers should not take their caddies for granted. Caddying is a good way for young people to make money and learn the game. In addition, valuable tips can be provided by caddies if they’re given the opportunity.

-Warm-ups should be completed prior to a full game, with players practicing with each type of metal club, later moving on to wooden ones. Players should also be conscientious not to leave hundreds of balls in the practice area.

-The rules vary among local golf courses, and players should make themselves aware of them before the game. Each player should also be openly comfortable with any stakes that have been established for a competitive round.

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