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February 11th,2014

Have you ever been in a bad situation where you almost lost your hopes? The holocaust was a very tragic event in history, but it definitely didn't make them lose hope, like Gerda Weissman Klein once said "Are we human still- or again? They have tried to drag us to the lowest level of existence, demanded us, treated us worse than animals. Yet something has remained alive in us, for it stirs anews." The Nazis dehumanized Jews and many others,but for some reason they had never lost hope. Faith kept them alive.

First of all, just because you weren't taken by the Nazis doesn't mean you lose hope in others. In the picture book Star Of Fear Star Of Hope it states, "I'll always have hope." Helen wasn't a Jew, Lydia was. She was taken away by Nazi officers on the night before Helens birthday. Since that night Helen never saw Lydia again, but in Helens heart she still had hope that Lydia made it out alive. Since the Nazis dehumanized many of the Jews, take Helen for an example, whose very own best friend was taken way. Many people didn't lose hope that their loved ones were still alive.

On the other hand, even through all that trauma they still believed that the war will end soon. "Keep your anger and hatred for another day, for later on. The day will come, but not now." Elie Weiesel, night. Chapter 4. During Elie's horrible journey in the concentration camp, began to lose hope of surviving the horrific experience, but near the ending he started to gain it all back. Believing that yes , the war will end, and yes he'll make it out from the living Hell, alive. During the time of the holocaust, Jews and many others had faith in their hearts,and souls that they'll make it out of there alive. Even though that place was worse than a jail, soldiers would set them free and the war will finally be over.

In the end, remembering your loved ones, and your most prized possessions could help you through some tough situations. "She survived with courage, grace, and dignity." One survivor remembers documentary. Gerda Weissman was sent to concentration camp with her family, but she didn't know she would be seep rated from them. Since that happened, her live became tragic. What helped her? Well with a little imagination, and remembering her family, she made it through it all. For example, when Gerda almost killed herself by jumping in front of a train, but she remembered her fathers promise not to kill herself and not to give up. For many people in the holocaust having family or at least remembering their loved ones gave you ambition to survive it also helps you take your mind off things.

Faith kept Gerda, Elie, and Helen alive even though the nazis dehumanized them. When everything seems dark,always keep your faith in things because in the end it'll be worth the fight. When people bring you down never lose your desire because one day it'll be handy when your in trouble

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