It’s a common problem for guys to present themselves in a way that automatically lowers women’s perception of them.

Most men don’t even realize that they’re doing this because a lot of these behaviors happen unconsciously.

But women pick up on these things like a hawk spotting its prey from a mile away.

A guy can basically ruin his approach even before he’s begun, thanks to things like this:

- Gushing over how hot she is
- Believing that the women he likes are just “too good” for him
- Trying to win her over with material stuff like flowers and other gifts

All of these behaviors point to the fact that this kind of guy has a low opinion of himself because he feels that something’s “wrong” with him.

Why else would he act the way he does if he didn’t think he was good enough for women? The worst part about having this mentality about yourself is that it’s CONTAGIOUS.

In other words, the way you see yourself will INFLUENCE other people to think of you in the SAME way.
That’s why women stay away from guys who don’t think much of themselves. If a guy CAN’T even RESPECT himself, why should she?

So why not do something about this by treating yourself differently to make women pick up on your POSITIVE behaviors instead? This is the only way for you to STOP being plagued with self-consciousness, insecurity and other attraction-killing habits that keep you single

The first order of business is to act in new ways that invite women to respect you WITHOUT begging them to.

Starting today, get it out of your head that you’re NOT the guy that women want to talk to and be with because only LOSERS think like this. And when you think and feel like a loser, everyone will be inclined to agree with you.

To make yourself into a valuable commodity in the dating world, you don’t need to buy or preen your way into a girl’s heart, so FORGET about relying on the brand of your clothes and the size of your wallet or biceps.

These things are only on the outside – sure, you could get by on this stuff for some time, but eventually women are going to see what’s really inside your heart and mind.

Right now, you’re probably dealing with NEGATIVE beliefs that are swimming in your head, so your only option is to FLUSH them out AND replace them with empowering thoughts instead.

Take this one for example:

“It’s OK for me to be attracted to good-looking women.”

When you think about it, men today are programmed just the same way as they were thousands of years ago, which is to naturally seek out women who have desirable qualities like health and beauty.

This is evolution at work, and men are compelled to select partners who are likely to give birth to healthy offspring.

The result? Your bloodline will go on for the next generation, not to mention your species.

So you can’t fault yourself for liking women that you find appealing – you’re simply hardcoded to be attracted to them.

The sooner you get rid of an apologetic attitude, the easier it’ll be to do away with the NEEDY, supplicating behavior that repulse women. Making this shift is crucial to treating women as your EQUAL, not some mythical figure that you OWE your self-worth to.

Imagine NOT being a suck-up, agreeing with every word she says, or acting like her friendly neighborhood doormat. The absence of these behaviors sets the stage for RESPECT on both sides!

As helpful as that attitude shift is, you can’t stop there. The next step is to ASSUME that women just like being around you.

You need to accept the notion that you’re a source of positive emotions, and women can’t get enough of the good vibes you’re giving off.

The logic behind this way of thinking is that you can’t go around believing otherwise – doing so is going to shape your every thought and action towards disaster.

Is that how you really want to act around women?

Or should you adopt the empowering thought that women take pleasure in your company?

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You’re better off focusing on the positive outcomes, so how can you plant the thought in your mind so deeply that you truly believe it?

How do you empower yourself to the point where everything you say and do makes your beliefs a concrete reality?

It’s pretty easy, actually. The most effective way is by assuming you’re already in this IDEAL state – as in right NOW.

Not tomorrow, not at some arbitrary point in the future, but TODAY.

Maybe you see yourself walking down the street with a gorgeous lady who’s just crazy about you.

Perhaps the women you approach laugh at your jokes, welcome your conversational openers with delight and are more than happy to give their number.

Or maybe you basically want to be the kind of guy who’s successful with women and has no problem getting a date.

Whatever your dream scenario is, you have to paint a very clear picture in your head to really let it sink in. Try to create all the little details to really make your mental image come to LIFE.

This gives you a goal to aim for and inspires you to take the needed steps to arrive at your richly envisioned outcome.

There are two good ways to implement this in your life. First, verbally repeat these ideal scenarios to yourself every day (either out loud or in your mind), like in the morning, before you head out the door or while driving.

A positive mantra regularly repeated will bring the message home and frame your reality to your will. You’re your own motivational coach, so the more you make a habit out of this, the easier it’ll be to go through the transformation process.

The other half of your positive empowerment journey is actually acting like the guy you want to be – even if your knees feel like jelly. You may not be 100% of that person just yet, but acting like him is a start.

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Think of it as playing a character on your favorite show. At first, being this “other” guy isn’t who you really are, but soon enough you’ll start to adapt the winning attitude and mindset of your future self.

The bottom line? You’ll eventually believe that you ARE the guy that you want to be.

Listen, you may be the richest, most popular or handsome guy out there, but all those things on the surface PALE in comparison to a rock-solid sense of inner self-belief. While external factors come and go, your attitude is what really matters.

That’s why you need to put your heart and mind through a process of transformation if you want to cultivate a genuinely attractive personality. When it comes to dating, everything else takes a backseat.

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