Justin Davey

Kik me at Justin.davey2000 and snapchat me at O_Ohello I am a slight comic book nerd and my favorite show is arrow! Also I have Plenty of "Fun" During weekends. But there are more to me than meets the eye. For example, I do play Volleyball and indeed play curling and basketball. Alas I am merely a mortal and have weaknesses, for example I do loose my temper easily.Thank you for reading!
~Justin Davey.

The "Fun" That is me

Honestly, Nothing here it's just, nothingness. All I do is sit on my Buttox all day and drink cola while watching TV and talking to friends. See told you nothing. Ha ha.

Favorite sonG!

The "Italian Bad-@$$" Known as ChilledChaos!

Nothing to do?

If you litteraly have nothing to do here why not try getting off your @$$ and doing something else?

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