Iconographs Sells Authentic Celebrity Autographs Online

About Iconographs

A registered member of the Universal Autograph Collector's Club, Inc., Iconographs, Inc., has served patrons across the country for 15 years. From its headquarters in Las Vegas, Iconographs organizes daily online auctions at IconAuction.com and sells signed photos and other memorabilia at fixed prices on Iconographs.com. Specializing in contemporary celebrity autographs, Iconographs features autographed items from some of the entertainment industry's top names. Over the last year, Iconographs has listed signed photographs from celebrities like rapper 50 Cent, True Blood's Joe Manganiello, and Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd. Other coveted pieces have included a signed Man of Steel poster and autographed photos of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Moreover, Iconographs guarantees the authenticity of every item it sells. Customers enjoy a 10-day money back guarantee and always receive a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity. The majority of Iconographs’ autographed pieces were signed in-person and obtained by company collectors who report exactly where and when they procured it. Few other companies, especially those operating online, guarantee authenticity at such competitive prices.                            

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