Christmas or Kurisumasu in Japan

Kelli and Tommy, 18 December 2013, World History


Japanese culture is a menagerie of what most Westerners would consider bizarre. Some of these would include such things as eating Kentucky Fried Chicken instead of turkey, ham, or pudding. Instead of desert, they don't eat fruitcakes as Most western areas eat. Instead, they eat spongecakes adorned with strawberries and créme.


Weather in Japan is highly specialized, with some areas receiving blistering heat and others receiving freezing cold at sporadic times throughout the year. This creates areas where a variety of materials and activities could be performed, such as snow-boarding in the mountains or swimming in the suburbs.


A good number of Japanese civilians are either Christian, or Buddhist. Most Japanese families do not even mention Santa Claus, or Saint Nick. Instead, they revere the Buddhist god of fortune and gift-giving Hoteiosho. Many Japanese people do not believe themselves to have an official 'religion', most would say that Buddhist and Shintoist beliefs are a way of life.


This recipe is for a traditional Japanese Spongecake, including the special strawberry sauce.

  • 150g Eggs (5.29 oz), 100g Sugar (3.53 oz), 90g Self-Raising Flour (3.17 oz),15g Unsalted Butter (0.529 oz)

  • 1 tbsp Milk, 2 tbsp Sugar, 3 tbsp Hot Water, 1 tbsp Kirsch

  • 400ml Whipping Cream (1.69 U.S. cup), 1 teaspoon unflavoured powdered gelatin, 4 teaspoons cold water, 3 tbsp Sugar, Vanilla essence (optional), 450g hulled and washed Strawberries (0.992 oz), Icing Sugar (Powdered Sugar), Christmas Ornaments (optional)

Fun Facts

  • In order to get KFC on Christmas, you have to reserve buckets of Chicken!
  • Japanese Christmas is focused on helping other and very slightly does it involve family.
  • People tend to celebrate more on Christmas eve than on Christmas day.

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