At this time in Syria, there is a lot
of conflict Syria
over the government. There are many people rebelling against the government. This has caused many fatalities of innocent civilians. Also rebellions of other countries in a domino affect.

The times in Syria are hard and people are beginning to question safety in the country. The Syrian Civil War started March 15, 2011 and is still inn full affect. The streets of Syria are filled with violence and is not in good conditions. The hazardous conditions are not only in the country but in neighboring countries civilian camps. They're also tired of dealing with all the extra people.

secondly, the overthrowing of bashar al-assad has caused the rebels to fight even harder.. the overthrowing has actually fueled the rebels to fight even more, because they know they are that much closer.. the government has a whole lot more firepower than the rebels but they still fight for what they want. at first, the rebels and the government talked about the government and then it evolved into fighting. the Syrian rebels would be very loyal if they had a good leader..

lastly, one reason the civil war has taken a huge toll on the middle east is they've caused other rebellions. the people of south Sudan rebelled against their government also. these countries rebel because they see the overthrowing of bashar al- assad and they want to have freedom for once.

the troubling times in Syria are causing many other things to happen, very severe things. the domino affect of Syria has caused other rebellions and overthrowing of governments. the civil war has spewed out of control and needs to be stopped, a very strong government needs to stop it,

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