JAK Productions

30 Years of Donor Retention Experience

About JAK Productions

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, JAK Productions offers more than 30 years of experience raising public awareness of nonprofits through telefunding and other services. To date, the organization has represented more than 500 nonprofit groups. Each client receives a customized program that is continually monitored for maximum efficiency. JAK Productions emphasizes first-rate customer service, and each of its employees undergoes rigorous and comprehensive training to instill the proper tools and values, including respect, dignity, and courtesy. All JAK agents must complete tests to show readiness before they are allowed to start making calls, and they are given regular feedback from managers.

JAK Productions services include donor retention, wherein representatives build solid relationships with existing donors while developing ties to acquire new donors. The firm also offers data services, which include proprietary algorithms that aid in the selection of potential donors and a cleaning program that keeps the lists up-to-date. Furthermore, all donors receive printed materials in the mail that reaffirm their pledges and encourage further support.

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