K- 12 Learning Options

by Jessica Mitchell

Picture is compliment of http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/jun/06/mobile-phones-children-buyers-guide


What is it?The dictionary.com app is exactly what its name portrays. A mobile dictionary. Dictionary can be used on the go, or as a assistant in writing for students writing essays. This app is also part of a thesaurus. you are able to save words and create slide shows to help increase word choice, even share words found to Facebook and other social media sites. The best part about this app is that it is free!

What can it do for students?Dictionary can be used as a tool to increase student vocabulary and have a collection of words at their disposal at any time of the day. It allows children to share their knowledge. They can look up words in readings that they may not understand, instead of bypassing the words they don't know. Dictionary opens a whole new book to engage students in spelling and vocabulary.

The Opposites

What is it?The Opposites is an app that allows children to match words with their antonyms. practicing word meaning, vocabulary and the context of words. It can be used grades 3 and up and is downloadable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It does cost $2.99 to purchase.

What can it do for students?This app can be use full to help those student's who need more than books to practice their word contexts. A fun and interactive way to make learning words fun. Matching is not a new game, but put in on a screen add colour and anime and it becomes a new way of playing. This app also allows for word practice on the go, long road trips, and waiting at Dr. offices.


What is it?Homework is an app that allows student to store all home-work, notes, and recordings in one place.

What can it do for students?Homework is useful for student because they are not rummaging through papers and there will be no more"my dog ate my homework" excuses. Everything is conveniently in one place and can be shared and discussed with other student or study groups.


What is it? GeoGebra is and app as well as a website that provides all types of math concepts from statistics to geometry and everything in between. it is interactive teaching software to enhance math skills.

What can it do for students? Students don't need to have access to a tablet or iPad to have the help of GeoGebra . It is an easy access to math outside the classroom and a free tutor for those who don't have time or money to spend on a personal tutor.


What is it? iBooks is a app that can be used by any apple device. It is a personalized space where you can purchase and download book right onto your phone or tablet.

How can it be used by students? Students are able to use this app to bring home their school reading and novels. At the end of the school year when all library book have to go back, an easy visit to iBooks and you can have those book for life. This app encourages reading throughout life and is compact and not another thing to carry around. Instead of a big bulky book its on your phone or tablet.

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