Jackson Dempsey

Psychiatrist Jackson Dempsey

About Jackson Dempsey

Jackson Dempsey currently works out of his own private psychiatry practice. Prior to setting up the office in Medford, Oregon, he spent more than a decade as medical director of Josephine County Mental Health. In this position he conducted psychiatric evaluations on a large number of individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities while supervising a full staff of psychiatric nurses and nurse practitioners. Jackson Dempsey also met with case management teams and outpatient therapists in order to provide a continuous stream of support to current and past patients.

Jackson Dempsey remains engaged in Continuing Medical Education (CME) to ensure that his psychiatric knowledge is up to the most stringent professional standards. His channels of continued education have no affiliation with the pharmaceutical industry, allowing for unbiased and carefully researched information, and his areas of focus include chronic depression, treatment-resistant bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and panic disorder. He is currently in the midst of opening a new private practice in the Medford area.

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