Jack's Baby Products Store

Jack Zhang 9/30/13

Jack's Infant Product Store sells amazing products that will keep babies happy. The special sales this week include the infant warmers and baby harnesses. They are quality products that every family needs. My store is located at Liberty High School and sells products to anyone who wants more convenience with their baby.

Infant Warmers and Baby Harnesses
Sales Plan

Initial Cost Model

Infant warmer are $30 each to make in order to sell. They are sold at $40 each for a $10 profit. Baby harnesses take $20 to make. They are sold for 30 dollars. Baby harnesses also have a profit of $10. The cost model for my products to be made will be 30w+20b=c. W stands for the quantity of infant warmers and b stands for the quantity of harnesses made. C will be the total cost of the products to be made.

Selling model

The selling model will be represented by 40w+30b=s. W will represent the amount of infant warmers made and b will be the baby harnesses. S will represent the net sale made before omitting the initial cost.

Profit model

The profits being made will be represented by the model 10w+10b=p. W will represent the amount of Infant warmers sold and b will represent the amount of baby harnesses made. P will represent the profit of made.

I will only be able to make 50 or less baby warmers and 60 or less baby harnesses before sales day. Another restriction is I will be able to sell less than 100 products on the day of the sale. They inequalities and equations representing my restrictions are: W<50 or W=50, b<60 or b=60, b>0 or b=0, w>0 or w=0, and w+b<100 or w+b=100.








Selling 60 baby harnesses and 40 infant warmers will satisfy all the restrictions while making the maximum profit.

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