Ned Kelly

The Great Australian Icon
By James Woods

There is a Great Australian Icon heading our way!!!

June 1854 | First son of John Kelly | November 1880

Ned Kelly, the renowned and the most well known Australian Icon of Australia, to most people Ned Kelly is thought as a cold blooded killer that has killed countless of "innocent" police forces, but I believe Ned Kelly is a person who took a stand against the narrow-minded government of the 19th Century, and I am here today to persuade you that Ned Kelly is the Great Australian Icon.

I strongly believe Ned Kelly is a worthy Australian icon because if you compare him to the kangaroo, they both have a wild and harsh side to the both of them, for example: the kangaroo would have to keep moving to avoid predators while on the same note Ned Kelly would have to keep moving from place to place to avoid contact with the government, I firmly consider this situation of comparing Ned Kelly to a kangaroo because i think it symbolizes the true meaning of Ned Kelly.

My second supporting argument is that Ned Kelly is a hero because for numerous reasons,one reason is that his finals words were "such is life". Ned Kelly was a villain because he didn't try to improve things for people, the other problem was the police were just as bad at the time! Ned Kelly is famous simply because he stood up and fought, he is famous for his metal suit which had captured the public imagination at the time of his life as an outlaw.

So in conclusion i believe that Ned Kelly is a hero and not a villain and should be a proud Australian Icon because the living people of Ned's reign had made Ned a viscous and deadly criminal only because of massive eggagerations

My following recounts of the two perspectives are the time Ned Kelly had saved a boy from drowning.

Perspective One: Ned Kelly

One day when I was attending school at Avenel,I had saved a boy from drowning going by the name of Richard Shelton, I saw him with my own eyes, he got swept off the banks of Hughes Creek and into the violent waters. I was only able to rescue Richard Shelton from drowning in the creek opposite of my home. Some people say my courage was commendable,for the act of saving Richard Shelton's life his family had given me a public occasion and presenting to me a gold fringed sash.

Perspective Two: Richard Shelton

On a normal summer's day I was watching the water of the Hughes Creek splash and bang against the banks of the Creek,subconsciously i stepped forward to see more of the river,then i felt myself give way underneath a mushy and eroded pile of dirt,without realizing I had fallen dangerously into the river itself engulfing me in it's gigantic waves of destruction. Then in the corner of my eyes i saw the Kelly's house I had screamed and yelled but know one had heard me, but without realizing Ned Kelly was already behind me trying to save me. Luckily Ned had been there just in time to save me, after that I had went home to tell my parents, at first they didn't believe me, but I had told the truth then decided that i wasn't lying, my parents had gave Ned a public occasion for him and had been given a gold fringed sash.

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