Jan Willem Noltes

As an investment professional with more than two and a half decades of industry experience, Jan Willem Noltes is an international financier with global reach.

About Jan Willem Noltes

With over two and a half decades of experience in the global financial sector, Jan Willem Noltes serves as a Managing Partner and consultant in Structured Finance and works on global capital raises for a host of client companies.  Among the services delivered in his role, Willem Noltes engages in structured finance and capital formation. Through the use of proprietary quantitative data, as well as qualitative analyses, he has successfully finalized the formation and management of international equity funds and real estate partnerships.

In addition to his work in structured finance, Noltes previously serves as managing director and managing partner for numerous investment initiatives. The experience gained from his work with Lehman Brothers International, Inc., in Europe, Wilken Capital in the US, where he honed his skills in investment banking, transaction management, pro forma analysis and successfully executing capital raises. Mr. Noltes also engages in equity derivatives trading.

Noltes holds degrees from the University of Utrecht as well as the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Mr. Noltes is an instrument and multi-engine rated private pilot.

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