Witness A Jewish Weddings And You Will Learn A Lot About Their Culture

The Jewish marriage is a traditional way of focusing on the pure and ideal relation to be shared between a husband and wife. It teaches us a lot about the importance of traditions and each of the rituals performed have a meaning and add to the purity of this relation.

Jewish weddings are completely traditional and if one has a Jewish friend and is interested in knowing more about the Jewish culture then this is the best chance to get up-close with the Jewish rituals and traditions. As per the Jewish traditions, the groom is called Chatan and the bride is called Kallah. A week prior to the wedding the Chatan and the Kallah are not allowed to see each other.

As per the traditions the Yom Kippur ceremony is celebrated on the dawn of the marriage day a s away to forgive all the past sins of the couple. The Kallah is seated on a throne to welcome the guests while the groom will be surrounded by the guests who will pass on their wishes by singing songs and raising toasts. Another notable ritual is the breaking of a plate together by the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride. This is to show that the people are very committed about their relation and like a broken plate a broken relation cannot be fixed as it was.

During the Badeken ceremony the Kallah is veiled by the Chatan which symbolizes that the beauty of the soul is paramount and not the physical appearances. The Chuppah, a canopy, is an indication of the new home that the wedded couple will make and under the Chuppah the wedding ceremony takes places. Mostly the rituals and customs regarding the Chuppah are done under the stars which show that the blessings from the heaven too are a part of the whole event. Under the Chuppah the couple should not wear any jewelry which is a symbol of the fact that the relation is based on the people and not on their materialistic possessions.

After the divine cups of wine taken after the recital of the holy verses by the Rabbi, the ring exchange ceremony is followed. The rings used in Jewish Weddings too have to be of plane gold without any blemishes, decorations or any other precious stones which symbolize that the marriage is of simply beauty without any frills or extravaganza.