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Experienced entrepreneur, expert in telecommunications

About Joe Corazzi

Joe Corazzi is an experienced entrepreneur, an expert in telecommunications, and an avid supporter of music promotion and sound recording. Currently the chairman of Capital Group Inc., Joe Corazzi provides consultation on telecommunication issues.

Among his many achievements, he was at the forefront of the growth and spread of satellite television and multi-channel cable. As the CEO and President of Telstar Corporation, Joe Corazzi helped pioneer the use of satellites to provide increased access to entertainment and data across America. Another of his notable projects was his role in founding and financing Country Music Television, a network that, on first airing in 1983, reached 673,000 homes. This number has today reached upwards of 80 million homes.

Also an advocate of many community causes, Joe Corazzi supports the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which is focused on offering assistance to those in need.

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