John R. Carlisle

Accomplished Teacher, Administrator, and Consultant

About John R. Carlisle

An experienced educator and a leader in strengthening schools, John Carlisle has directed performing arts education programs in Ohio schools since the late 1980s. Most recently principal of the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio, he secured funding for program and facility improvement while raising academic performance across the student population. John Carlisle assumed this position following similar success at Colonel White High School in Dayton, where he redesigned academic scheduling as the humanities community principal. He has more than a dozen years’ experience in the music classroom, and he holds a graduate degree in education leadership, a master of business administration in organizational leadership, and a bachelor of arts in music education.

Now the owner of Carlisle Educational Services, John Carlisle consults with educational program administrators and schools to optimize curriculums, student engagement, learning time, and budgets. John Carlisle balances his responsibilities to his clients with study toward a doctorate in instructional leadership.

Scoring Color Guard Competitions

Educational consultant John (J.R.) Carlisle has experience as a music education professional and principal of Cincinnati's School for the Creative and Performing Arts. John (J.R.) Carlisle also regularly judges winter guard competitions and is a former adjudicator for Winter Guard International (WGI), the governing body for indoor color guard competitions.

To assess the comprehensive performance of a team, Winter Guard International has developed a scoring system that evaluates both the performer and the routine's designer. Five judges evaluate the routine on the four components of effect, design analysis, movement, and equipment. Two of the five judges complete the General Effect score sheet, which reviews all aspects of the performance, including the originality of the choreography, staging effect, and entertainment value. The same judges also evaluate the performers' skill in presenting and interpreting the program.

Another judge completes the Design Analysis score sheet, which evaluates the performers' technical and expressive ability. It also assesses the artistic merit and the mechanical effect of the staging as it includes equipment and physical movements of the performers. The Movement judge focuses on the choreography, known as the movement vocabulary, and how well the performers execute these movements. Finally, the Equipment judge assesses the way the performers use time and flow of movement in their interactions with the physical objects that they use in their routines.

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