Driving a John Deer Gator

By: Makenna


No a gator is not actually a alligator, it’s a type of vehicle you drive. First you want to get hooked, well here’s your hook. Have you ever rode a gator? I have and I know a lot about how to drive one too. Driving is lots of fun, but you have got to be aware of your surroundings because you could crash, because there’s a good chance you could get hurt.

The gator I drive is automatic, that just means I don’t have to manually switch the gears.



Firstly you need to know that you need to press your right foot against the brake not your left foot. Also look at the road not your foot when putting pressure on the brake. Memorize the brake pedal and the gas pedal if it’s hard for you to not look at your foot. If you’re braking when you feel like it you’re wrong, you brake when you need to brake. There’s no need to press the brake hardly, there,s more of a chance you need to press it lightly than putting a lot of pressure on it. There are sometimes when you need to press it hard, but it is not as likely as pressing it lightly. Just drive safely and you’ll be fine.


Are you noticing that you’re going too slow or too fast, the answer is simple stop think and do what you think is the best possible solution. When you are putting your foot on the gas use your right foot like the brake to put pressure on it. You want to keep a steady weight or pressure on the gas because you could lose control and you don’t want to do that.


Steering can be difficult, but that’s only if you make it hard for you. Turn a little bit at a time so you don’t turn too less or too much. Sometimes it can be surprising at first to turn for the first time, but surprising is surprising and you have got to live with it. If you are surprised don’t worry I was too.

Sometimes you get out of the center of the road all you need to do is get in the center of the road again, it’s really simple. Steering is really simple once you know how to do it.


Gears can be simple or they can be difficult it depends. It depends on what you use them for and which ones you use in times of need. All you need to do is learn them and just well get used to the controls. Remember the gears or controls are in your transmission. Gators have the ability to go forward and reverse. If you get stuck in the mud you can put go to four wheel drive.


You know how we have sight to see, well you’ll need use of it in order to drive a gator. To see is very important to drive. You need to be able to see or you can’t drive. You want to be alert of your surroundings because of animals crossing the road and other things. Remember eyes are the key to driving a gator.


Parking is simple. The steps to parking go like this. First, find your spot or the place you want to park. Turn a hard right or left depending on where your spot is. Move forward a little while still turning. Then, slowly turn the wheel back the other direction. You will probably notice the steering wheel is not exactly straight, that’s okay.


Well now you know how to drive, congratulations. Now try it out. If you are confused or have questions please feel free to contact me below to comment. So have a great time driving. Remember You have to have control, you don't want to be out of control!