John V Karavitis

Senior Financial Analyst

About John V Karavitis

John V. Karavitis is a senior financial analyst who specializes in budgeting, forecasting, and variance analyses. He has advised clients in a number of industries, including insurance, pharmaceutical, energy, information technology, and real estate. Mr. Karavitis is comfortable working with CFOs to develop IRR profitability analyses and internal software projects. His collaborative work has involved managing annual budgets and finding alignment in budgets and corporate goals. John Karavitis enjoys working with departmental teams and being the point person for accounting and finance projects. John Karavitis is based in Chicago, Illinois, and belongs to the Illinois CPA Society. He holds a master's degree in business administration.

In his time away from work, Mr. Karavitis likes to spend time outdoors. He jogs regularly and enjoys training for 10K races. He's passionate about science and philosophy and seeks books and television shows, such as "The Blackwell Philosophy" series, that combine philosophy and popular culture. Karavitis is also a dog enthusiast.

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