Joie De Vivre

Richness from the inside-out

I can assist you in creating a living environment you love and which supports you in your evolution.

Feng Shui is the art of science of changing the quality and flow of ch'i energy within a building, in order to benefit the health, wealth and happiness of the people living there. Just as acupuncture can improve the energy flow along the meridians in the body, Feng Shui can improve the energy flow in an environment. Ch'i energy is not visible to an untrained person, but this does not mean it does not exist..

My Mission

To inspire people to live a beautiful, meaningful life connected to their heart's desire.

To create a beautiful, organized, light home where you feel content and at peace.

I'm here to awaken myself and humanity on a global level, to raise its consciousness and its vibration. I assist those I encounter in realizing and awakening them to who they really are- to their Divinity.

I see possibilities beyond any limitation and empower you to live the life you desire and deserve.

I'm a Catalyst for changes.

Your Mission

-To let go of what no longer serves you.

-The Universe supports you in that mission.

-"A beautiful environment inspires beauty in you."


Joie De Vivre Consulting is dedicated to assisting you in living a positive, conscious life by enhancing the energy flow where you work and live.

Joie De Vivre offers what is needed to create the home your soul desires.

My intentions are to support people to be rich from the inside- out to live a beautiful, abundant life connected to their heart's desire.

I assist you in stepping into the fullness of your beauty so that you can live and show your truth to the world.

Joie De Vivre practices in Marin County and San Francisco Area.

How I work

-I come to your space and meet with you to see what you want to create and bring into your life.

-I assist in releasing energy by clearing what drains your energy and causes imbalance for you.

-I tune into the energy of your home and alter it to suit your needs through colors, gentle lighting and the placement of furniture.

-I design a space that reflects balance, beauty, lightness and wealth. it becomes sacred to all who enter it.

About Sabine

Sabine was born in Paris. She is an intuitive Feng Shui/Life coach practitioner with a French Zest for life. She studied with internationally renowned Feng Shui teachers Karen Kingston, Pamelat Ticoulat, Sean Xenja and Eric Dowsett. Let her Feng shui and Life Coach services simplify, beautify and energize your home and your life.

Life coaching

My mission with Life coaching is to see the wholeness and perfection in you and empower and support you to let go of everything that is not in alignment with your higher self. In a very compassionate, loving manner, with no judgement, I hold space for changes to occur.

My gift is to bring out the wholeness that is already inside you and to support people in their light, beauty and power. I support people to remember who they are or discover who they are- a Divine being covered by old beliefs and patterns which are no longer serving you.

Most of our pain is not here in the present. It is attached to the past or the longing for something in the future. It is attached to some ways we were taught to deal with situations. In silence we can shed the negative beliefs by asking if they are really true: Am I less than this person, or Am I less deserving than she? No we are created equal.

Do I have the ability to feel joy just like anyone else? Yes!

Once you begin to ask for the truth, you back off that self imposed prison that keeps you away from your birthright of joy.

Healing isn't about fixing anything. It's about awakening to the knowing we have always been whole and divine.

"Quotes that Inspire me"

"Resistance to letting go is a reflection of resistance to your evolution."

"Where are you sourcing from: Love or Fear?"

"Healing isn't about fixing anything,,it's about awakening to the knowing we have been whole and complete"

"When you are at home within, you don't feel lonely. You feel safe and content."

"The light is always there, it never goes away"

"Home is within us"

"Instead of buying more, accumulating success, a bigger home. If you get more and more, you think you are going to get there but it gets nowhere. You have to accumulate spiritual wealth."


Sabine is a true Feng Shui Guru. Everything I know about Feng Shui-The art of aligning the vibration of your home to your own vibration, in turn amplifying your own vibration-I learned from her. With her help my modest rental home transformed into a vibrant sanctuary that I can truly call "Home", a mirror of me that truly supports and energizes me. Hire Sabine to truly align who you are outside (e.g.your home and Physical environment) with the beautiful person you are inside!"

-Annelene Decaux-Life coach

"In working with Sabine, I have come to know and deeply appreciate her gifts. I have engaged the skills to help me with space clearing and enhancing the feeling of order and lightness in my living space. Sabine has the gift to see beyond the clutter and disorganization ( Yes I admit to have this in my life) into the essence of what is possible. She is also sensitively attuned to what it is that a person wants to express in their lives and help to create a space that reflects the deepest intention. She works quickly and efficiently to help release what's in the way and to make room for what wants to be. I've come to know my home as a reflection of my soul's intent and love that it can be ever changing canvas for my greater expansion of life!"

-Janet Carol Ryan-Licenced Spiritual Counselor

"I hired Sabine at a time that I was feeling very stagnant in my life. My career felt stuck and I felt no inspiration to move forward, my stress level was high, I felt depressed and I wasn't sleeping well. I was frustrated because I knew something was holding me back but I wasn't sure what it was. Then in conversation with a friend it came up that she had hired Sabine Lamoureux, a Feng Shui consultant, to help her set up the new home she and her husband had recently bought. She was really happy with how much of a difference the work with Sabine had made to her well being and her plans for starting a family. She felt like her home was supporting her goals. I was inspired and ask Sabine's number.

From the very beginning I was impressed with Sabine's keen eyes and intuitive sense. She first asked me about my goals in life and then showed me how my home wasn't supporting what I said I wanted. She challenged my beliefs and encouraged me to go for what I really wanted in my life without compromise. We made a list of what needed to be done and over the next few months I purged and organized to her recommendations. To date I've made a complete turn around, my depression has lifted, my business is moving forward and I ended a relationship that wasn't fulfilling. I feel positive and excited about my life and my work. I recommend Sabine to anyone who is serious about making a real change and having what they really want in their life."

-Michael Westgate-Westgate Therapy-Corte Madera

"Sabine is magic, and graced our home with energy and beauty. Grounded in the art of Feng shui principles, Sabine moves her work to a higher level of space clearing. Her suggestions are not difficult and within our means to accomplish. What a delight to have her play with her space. We already are feeling much better in our space and look forward to the next visit."

-Jonathan Ellis and Marianne Nishifue-Mill Valley

"Sabine skillfully combines intuition and experience. She quickly taps into what is real and what is most important. She helped us align the energy of our home, in order to manifest our heart's desire: a new home. We had her Feng shui our new home, and she came up with ideas nobody else had thought of. She is punctual, gracious, affordable, and an easy presence. I Highly recommend Sabine for Feng Shui".

-claudia Six, PHD

"I noticed how good I felt when I was in a friend's space when it was well put together. I wanted the same goodness in  my home space but it just wasn't happening despite talking to decorators.

A friend I really trust referred me to Sabine.

During our session, Sabine helped me see some of my unconscious patterns reflected in how my space was decorated and arranged. Some of this had to do  with adult/child transitions, masculine/feminine balance in my life. Sabine brought a presence to the process that made me feel like she was 100 % engaged in what I wanted to accomplish.

She was honest about reflecting blocks, what she sensed was not working. Feedback is not easy for me to hear, especially when it's true. However, I felt, Sabine was coming from a sincere desire to see me thrive. This was perfect for me since I don't have time and money to waste.

Sabine suggested specific changes to cultivate the energy I desired in my life, everything from the concept of creating "my cave" down to details such as picking paints, ideas for pictures, moving furniture and objects around, etc. Sabine worked with me to create a plan for making the changes.

I'm loving my new bedroom. There have been shifts in my relationships and my work life. I have many more changes to implement in  my home. It's good to have a roadmap I can follow to create the space that I want while also support a deeper inner movement. Sabine has been great about checking in and making sure I'm not being diverted from my goals due to old patterns. I really appreciate this support since this is quite a deep and transformative process in me."


Sabine is truly gifted. She came into my home and helped me to realize that my home was keeping me stuck in patterns that were no longer serving me. Through her consulting, I found myself literally letting go of the past, and embracing a new life, new patterns, and a new future. I can breathe in my home. It's very refreshing! Thank you so much Sabine.

-Anastasia Netri-Intentional Creators website-San Francisco

" A visit from Sabine is like a visit from an Angel but don't be fooled. This is one powerful angel! Her work is extraordinary. She makes what may seems like minor suggestions but which have profound, life- changing impacts. No matter what your feelings about Feng Shui are, you'd have to admit that intention, beauty, and powerful energy can work amazing feats in your life...They certainly did in mine.

Almost nothing in my life is the same since Sabine's visit and everything is far, far better than I ever would  have imagined. Thank you Sabine..

-Ann Crawford-Professional Editor-colorado

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