The Republic of Kazakhstan

A fascinating country in central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Kazakhstan is a fascinating multi-cultural country. It has many ethnic groups, speaks many languages, and has an interesting system of government.

Kazakhstan is a country with many people with different ethnic backgrounds living in unison. Kazakhs, natives of Kazakhstan, are the most common, making up 58.9% of the population. Russians are the next largest group, with 25.9%. Kazakhstan is bordered by five countries, so many ethnic groups come from Kazakhstan's neighbors. Although there are many different backgrounds, Kazakhstan is undoubtedly a single, unified country.

As in most countries with multiple ethnicities, the people of Kazakhstan speak many different languages. The "official" language is Russian, which is spoken by government officials, businessmen, and common citizens alike. However, many people also speak Kazakh, a Turkic language. English has also become increasingly popular since the collapse of the USSR. If you were to take a walk in Kazakhstan, you may be able to hear for yourself the many different languages and dialects!

Kazakhstan is a republic, meaning the people elect a representative called a President. The current President is Nursultan Nazarbeyev; he is the first and (so far) only President of Kazakhstan. As President, he can veto any legislation that was passed by Parliament, and is also commander-in-chief of Kazakhstan's armed forces. There is also a Prime Minister who acts as the head of the government. Serik Akhmetov has been the Prime Minister since 2012. Kazakhstan has made drastic changes in its governmental system since the USSR lost control over the country.

In conclusion, Kazakhstan is an up-and-coming great country. The many cultures make it extremely diverse, and the many languages add to the melting pot. The government is just as fascinating. Though there has been controversy over the country's bad reputation, Kazakhstan is a beautiful country with a great future.

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