Kearns Brothers, Inc.

Proud sponsor of The Handyman Show with Glenn Heage

About Kearns Brothers, Inc.

As a proud sponsor of The Handyman Show with Glenn Heage, the home improvement professionals at Kearns Brothers, Inc., located in Dearborn, Michigan, provide a range of home improvement services and products to customers throughout Southeast Michigan. Listeners of the original home improvement show in Detroit featuring America’s Master Handyman, Glenn Haege, depend on Kearns Brothers, Inc., for the company’s nearly three decades of service to the region.

As a trusted name in home improvement, Kearns Brothers, Inc. has a natural affiliation with Glenn Haege, a trusted name on Michigan radio for over 30 years. As a proud sponsor of the Handyman Show, the company reaches new and existing home improvement homeowners. When listeners need help with home improvement projects, they turn to the Handyman Show with Glenn Haege. When customers need reliable, affordable, and value for replacing their roofing, siding, windows, masonry, and more, they turn to Kearns Brothers, Inc.

Family-owned and -operated since 1986, Kearns Brothers, Inc., has a team of experienced contractors and installers ready to meet homeowners’ home improvement needs. In addition to roofing, windows, and siding, the company remodels kitchens, installs gutters and porches, and constructs and rebuilds chimneys.

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