Kevin Fitzgerald, US Advisors

CEO of Global Capital Advisors LLC


San Francisco-based Kevin Fitzgerald holds diverse leadership experience in the real estate investment industry. His career includes nearly 15 years of service as the CEO of U.S. Advisors LLC and two years of experience as the CEO of Global Capital Advisors LLC, an innovative investment management firm that primarily serves offshore clients and focuses exclusively on real estate investment projects. During approximately the last two-thirds of his tenure as the CEO of the former organization, he has spearheaded the acquisition of over $2.5 billion in commercial properties. Beyond his career with U.S. Advisors and Global Capital Advisors LLC, Kevin Fitzgerald acquired important experience as a wholesaler with a real estate investment firm.

In addition to his professional experience in the real estate industry, Mr. Fitzgerald served as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps for four years. In his personal life, he actively supports organizations such as Boy Scouts of America and the Olympic Club Foundation.

The Agenda and Activities of the Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Kevin Fitzgerald has over 40 years’ experience in real estate investment with companies such as U.S. Advisors, LLC. In addition to being the former CEO of U.S. Advisors, LLC, Kevin Fitzgerald is also a former U.S. Marine. Every year on November 10, active, reserve, and retired U.S. Marines can celebrate the day that the United States Marine Corps was established by attending a Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

Each base holds its own birthday ball celebration for current and former U.S. Marines. The Marines who attend each bring a guest, and all attendees wear formal dress. The men and women of the Marine Corps wear dress blues or evening dress uniforms, while guests wear formal eveningwear. Long gowns are the typical attire for female guests, and tuxedoes are typical for male guests.

The agenda for the evening’s celebrations consists of a cocktail hour, an official military ceremony, and dinner followed by dancing. During the military ceremony, the National Anthem is played, as well as the Marines’ Hymn. A traditional cake-cutting is also performed, and the ceremony concludes with remarks by the commanding officer and guest of honor. Afterwards, dinner is served, and the service men and women, as well as their guests, socialize and dance for the remainder of the evening.

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