Kevin Wessell

An Expert in Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Financial Planning

About Kevin Wessell

In his 25 years of professional experience, Kevin Wessell has amassed a breadth of knowledge and expertise in real estate, in establishing corporate entities, and in advising clients on asset management and protection. Since completing his Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in 1987, Kevin Wessell has focused his efforts on rebuilding his family’s business properties. Today, he has successfully revitalized and expanded Companies Incorporated, a business established by his father in 1977.

Kevin Wessell started as a Sales and Finance Manager at Companies Incorporated, and now sits as its CEO. The incorporation business has several arms that handle the specific needs of their clientele. In addition to Companies Incorporated, Wessell also manages and owns Offshore Corporation an asset protection planning company. Through these companies, he provides clients with a variety of tools to safeguard their personal wealth and property from any potential litigation that threaten those assets.

In his early days as a businessman, Kevin Wessell invested in real estate, but made some poor decisions that taught him valuable lessons in vetting business partners and investment opportunities. What he learned during these experiences motivated him to help prevent others from making the same mistakes. Wessell now gives lectures and holds seminars on real estate investment, in which he reflects on his positive and negative experiences for the benefit of his audience. As the author of a number of books, he also offers his advice on asset protection and the real estate market.

In his spare time, Kevin Wessell keeps himself physically fit through martial arts training, weightlifting, and boxing. Also a licensed pilot, Wessell enjoys flying airplanes and traveling to faraway locales.

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