In 2013 I Ventured Across the Beautiful US of A

My path changed in 2013. I never in my life imagined that at age 22 I would travel across America by myself.

It started after graduating from Ohio University in June 2012. I accepted employment for Yelp, Inc. as an Account Executive in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now you must understand that as a native of Cleveland, Ohio I was eager to escape the dreariness and cold of the mid-west. I was excited and ready take landing in the warm sunshine and a new environment. Fast forward 8 months later, I was broke, I was burnt, I had gone through 2 different jobs and I missed my family and boyfriend like crazy.

It took a lot of soul searching to get the courage to realize that I wouldn't be considered a failure if I decided to move back home to Cleveland. I mean I actually missed snow! It was a crazy feeling but I can happily say that I don't regret my time in Scottsdale and I've never been happier to live back home in snowy, drab, beautiful Cleveland.

Living in AZ:

Then the road trip began....I knew I was ready to move home.

New Mexico:





Cleveland...Home Sweet Home

I feel so lucky that I was able to experience this journey. Not only was it the best road trip of my life but it also gave me guidance and direction. I made so many memories and good friends living in Arizona and am so happy to be where I am today.