DPL LED Light Therapy

FDA Approved for Pain Relief

DPL® LED Light Therapy is a solution for management of sports and muscle injuries and pain - as found in recent studies testing and verifying the efficacy of 660nm and 880nm LED Light Therapy. DPL® Therapy (Deep Penetrating Light) Therapy is also the most advanced non-invasive system available to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, creases, furrows and crow's-feet. This DPL LED Light Therapy is manufactured by LED Technologies, LLC which has developed the products and procedures to be used in the use of muscle and joint pain relief as well as replenishing the youthful look of your skin. This technology was based on the data and technologies of a NASA study on wound healing.

While it seems a little unbelievable that "just a little red light LED" can offer so much - we have the FDA's clearance for the most significant benefit of DPL LED Light Therapy - Muscle and Joint Pain Relief!