L.E.V.R.'s Journey

My name is Lezlhy Elena Vazquez Rodriguez, i really like my name because its unique I've never met someone who spells their name like mine, and i love it even more because the meaning its "The love of my life". Im 19 years old and i blow my candles on February 13. Im a Senior at Harlingen South, i came from Brownsville, i had a long time living over there, but Harlingen was a good move. One of my biggest goals is to graduate from High School, since I've had a hard time with it. My second goal would be to be a Barber, and have my own Barber Shop. I really wanna make my family proud since they always said i would never finish High School and now Im more close than ever to finish. Im a really fun person to be with, i like meeting all type of people, i get along with them real fast, most of the time Im always happy Im not a sad person only if something is really wrong.


February 13, 2014

February is one of my favorites months because i celebrate my birthday and is also a Love month since we also have Valentines Day. This year i hit the big 19, Im getting old, but i like that i look super young, so whenever i hit 21 ill be looking like Im 18. This year i got to spend it and celebrated it with my friends and brother only since my mom was already leaving here at Harlingen i was still at brownsville and i think it was time for me to celebrated it with them since i would always be with my family and never get to got out because i would prefer to spend it with them. This time i went to a western club at Brownsville which i had so much fun because we like the music from there and i love dancing and more with my brother since we both know know each other steps, he's with the only person i love dancing because i was the one who teach him how do dance cumbias and guapangos.

February 14, 2014

Valentines Day, i didn't spend it with none special since Im single and Im good like that i spend it with my brother and friends, we just meet up everyone and watched movies, and we went to eat at Whataburger

February 15, 2014

This day i was really sad because i didn't know we were moving so fast to Harlingen, and i didn't wanted to move because of my friends and my school and because i had so much time leaving over there, so i already knew Brownsville real good. My mom had called us in the morning and she told me and my brother to pack everything we could because she was gonna go later on that day to bring what we could to Harlingen so while i was packing everything i was really sad just thinking about how Harlingen was, that i didn't knew anyone not one single person from here, that i was gonna be really bored with nothing to do. That i was gonna go to a new school without knowing anyone from school, that i was gonna be alone during lunch, my mind was all negative about moving, but after all i think this move was a great move since i was doing really bad at Brownsville.

February 28, 2014

My first day at Harlingen South, i was totally scared ! I didn't know anyone from here, people would stare at my like they had never seen a human .__. It was really uncomfortable, people would ask me if i was knew, where i was from, typical questions they ask to a new student. I was really glad that on my 1st period i met this girl named Amy Villalobos, she's a great person who offered me her friendship, i didn't knew anyone and she even invited me to spend lunch with here which i was really happy to hear that because i knew i was gonna be alone during lunch but it wasn't like that i got to spend lunch with her, and got to met some of her friends. She even invited me to spend lunch with one of her teacher which they were super sweet with me and the students that were there too they were so sweet and it was weird since they didn't know me, they act like they knew me from before i felt real good. Then my afternoon class is awesome i have Audio/Video and everyone from there are such a good persons everyone welcomed me i felt really good too with them they talked to me like if they knew me from before too, they explained me how everything works and its amazing what they use and do.


March 03, 2014

My brother's birthday the big 21 ! he's getting old i know it even tho he looks young like me he's already 21, Im scared that one day he'll leave the house and Im not gonna be able to see him often as how Im use to see him everyday. My brother is the person i love the most as well as my sister they just mean the world to me. Me and my brother we are always together and when i mean "always" its always we do everything together he goes somewhere, i go with him or when i go somewhere he goes with me to. We have a brother friendship that is unique he gets along with my friend and i get along with he's friends. We always hang out with the same people and before they knew we were brother they would always say that he was my boyfriend since we always together everybody thought he was my boyfriend and till people they don't know we are brother they sill think he's my boyfriend which is super funny.

March 14, 2014

Spring Break, my spring break wasn't that good but wasn't that bad at all, i only went one day which was friday, with three of my friends Selena, Bianca and Jenny i hadn't seen them since i moved over here at Harlingen, i was really glad i went to brownsville and to the island to spend a day with them and i also got to see Selena's baby Paris and a bunch of friends at the beach house that one of our friends had i got to see a lot of friends there that hadn't seen them in a while, we talked a lot about what we were doing, and most of then thought i was still at brownsville but they were glad i was doing good and that Im almost done with school. I so needed this since i don't know anyone from Harlingen to hang out, i was so glad i got to hang out with the people i use to and that i love.

March 17, 2014

Monday me and my family went to meet another family that the missioners present us, and we had a Noche De Familia, and we went over to meet them and what we did that day we sang one of the songs they sing and it was really nice that we got to meet a new family and new friends, and after we sang they gave us a little class we learned a lot me and my family. After the class we played two games which they were super fun and funny one of them was called Elefante and the other one was called Pedro, Santiago & Juan, such a fun games that we had never played before. We were really glad that we had meet that family and they were such an amazing persons to us, we really enjoyed it.

March 19, 2014

Wednesday was a really good day i really enjoy it a lot, one of our church friends that we had meat during a Family Night, i think its called like that they picked me and my brother up to go to Los Fresnos because teens get together over there for a class and after they play games and someone has to bring like a snack. Yesterday was my brothers and me first time going and we had a really good nice class with other members that had went to their missions and it was really fun what they talked and we learned a lot, after the classed finished some other members came and one of then had brought ice cream, and we got to meet new people since we don't know anyone from here, they are such an amazing persons and we also played games, one of them was that we had to tape a word on our head and we had to ask questions about the word that was on our head, it was pretty fun we had so much fun for our first time.  

March 24, 2014

My sister is a really impact in my life, she's my role model she's everything to me. When i tried to give up on my education her words to me were "Never Give Up" she always tells me that because most of the time i'm really negative about everything when it doesn't come the way i want it. I was really proud of her when she was the only one from her college class that got a 100 on the test they need to enter, out of 150 students she was the only one that was like amazing i couldn't believe it at all, but i knew it was real i know my sister she's so smart, kind and intelligent. That's whats makes me keep going, she's the only person that believes in me because my mom sometimes doesn't believe in me, and i always go up to her to keep going.

March 26, 2014

My design of Teacher Appreciation Week, was dedicated to Ms.Conway i did it on Photoshop i kind of played with the things the program has because i had never used it before. I got a quote from the internet that says "A teacher take a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart" by a unknown author. I got my pictures from the internet and they were of flowers i have something for flowers pictures. I did it to Mr.Conway because she helped me a lot when i got here to South with my English B i had to do 9 weeks of make-up work and she gave me everything to do it during Spring Break week, and i did it and i got a 82 of those 9 weeks which helped me catch up where the class was. I think she's gonna love it because i don't have much since i got here and i'm already really thankful to her for having so much patience with me and for helping me trying to get my credit .

Today thursday i finally got my schedule changed after waiting since my first day of school. I got the class i needed the most, and they also gave me other ones i dont need, but im cool with that. Something i didnt liked about today is that i got to my 8th period and some guy has my facebook profile picture as his Tackk profile picture, which was really creepy.

April 04, 2014

Friday, i didn't skipped i was at school but during 2nd period the lights went off and we were in class till 3rd and then they told us that we were going to the cafeteria and from there we got send to the gym, and we had no light the rest of the day, which i didnt liked at all i dont like staying in one class for hours. Other than that my day was pretty good, it was fresh, and i kinda enjoyed it .

April 17, 2014

After i graduate i wanna go to college for Cosmetology its a year long, i wanna have my own barber shop with my own name, i know i could make money out of it, and its what i love to do i wouldn't do something else than this, i only wanna go boys because im scared to burn one of the girls hair .

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