All the way up and down

A beach that is near Sacramento, we could not go to the beach, sadly.

-=The long way up=-

All the way up was a long and grueling trip, the reception for my cousin's wedding was held in Sacramento. We had drove for about 6 hours before we got to San Diego(Oceanside). My family stayed in the resort for one night. In the morning we woke up really early and started driving, it was a 10 hour trip and we stopped at McDonalds for lunch. We then arrived in Sacramento and stayed there for a week. The first day we started setting up the reception and after that we went to the beach for the rest of the day. The next day we kept working on the wedding reception and we finished it. The next day we went to the party at around 2 o'clock, and the party was a blast. There were games and food galore, and there was also a Dee-Jay too. We partied hard until 10:00 at night, and when we got back to the resort we all jumped in bed and had a nice long deep sleep until about 11 in the morning. The next day we went to the newly wed's house and played games and had fun with their dog named Tuna. Then on the next day we had to start our travel home. We all said our good byes and hopped in the Caddy and went home.

Back To Cali

We saw a santa surfin the waves in the cold month of december.

My family went all the way back to California again during Christmas time. We went to Oceanside to stay in a resort named Wyndham. We finally saw our beloved cousins again. Also we got to see Tuna again! We stayed there for only three days though, and still had fun eating and opening presents! It was a short few days but we still had fun in the beautiful state of California.

New Years Eve

The ball drops in New York!

We had watched the New Years ball drop in New York, and after the ball had dropped we stayed up until midnight playing games. When it was 12:00 we had some apple cider and "Clinked" to a New Year. After that we went to bed and fel fast asleep ready for the New Year ahead of us.

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