My Goal

Deadline: March 5th


January 13

I haven't gotten a follow yet, but I have gotten my name DM'd to him a few times. Also have tweeted him a lot. He hasn't done a follow spree since I set my goal.

February 19

Still haven't gotten a follow, but Ariana followed which is great.

February 25

Mrs. Munro wants me to change my whole goal so I'm going to have to write down some stupid goal that I don't even care about. Well I won't be using this goal page any more, I'll have to make a new one.

But I will still keep trying to get a follow from Calum because it's really important to me.

March 10

Followed me 3.3.14 I doubt that there's any point in me keeping this goal page, but I want to because I actually care about this one. Last week to achieve my goal, it was my birthday, so I tweeted Calum a lot, saying that he should follow me in because of that. I also planned out when I would tweet him because I knew that as soon as he tweeted a lot of others would be tweeting him too and I wouldn't be noticed. So when the other boys tweeted and Calum still hadn't, that's when I tweeted him, because I knew he would be on, just kind of stalking or looking through his mentions.

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