William Murdoch

His history and his success

Fact Sheet

Name: William Murdoch

Life Span: eighty-five years old

Invention: Gas lighting and oscillating cylinder steam engine

Length Of Education: Educated until the age of ten

Place Of Birth: Cumnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland (map below)


The predominate invention to the industry for which William Murdoch was best known for was the application of gas lighting as a replacement for oil and tallow produced light source. In 1792 that took place in a cave, he first began experimenting with the use of gas, originate from the heating of coal and other materials, for lighting. By 1794 William Murdoch was producing coal gas with an iron tube piping through an old gun barrel and Setting it on fire to produce light. His own house in Redruth in Cornwall was the first place that was taken to be lit by gas. In 1798 William Murdoch moved back to Birmingham and he lit some parts of the Watt factory by gas and 1805 he fully lit a cotton mill in Manchester that gradually had over 900 gas lights. Regrettably, William Murdoch did not patent his lighting system and that was why he did not earn any money from it. In 1817 William Murdoch's new house outside Birmingham was set with a large number of his latest inventions, including gas lighting, a doorbell worked by compressed air and an air conditioning system with hot air circulating to the rooms and staircases.

William Murdoch's house in Redruth (above)


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