My Loving Memory Of Liane Krochmal

By: Kaliyjah S. Jackson

Liane Krochmal

Liane Krochmal was the daughter of Jacob and Amalie Krochmal. Liane also had an older brother and an older sister. Their names were Siegfried and Renate Krochmal. Liane was born in July 25,1937 in Vienna,Austria. After the Nazi took over there country, the Krochmal family had relocated to France. She had an uncle who live in New York,US. So therefore, the Krochmal family tried to move to New York, but they have been told that the couldn't live in the United States. As a result, Jacob, Amalie, and Siegfried were arrested by the French police and was handed over to the Germans. They were sent to a Transit camp. Her brother Siegfried died in the Transit camp. Afterwards, Liane's parents attended Auschwits death camp in Poland. Liane ,who was 5 years old, and Renate ,who was 7 years old, was sent to live in a children's hostpital at Izieu. Unfortunatly, their home was raided and all children had to be move to the Auschwits camp. As a result, Liane and her sister were murdered in the gas chambers. At that time, Liane was only 7 years old when she had died. I think after the Holocaust, everyone learned that Jewish people was treated just as poor as the blacks,and Both Jewish and blacks are to be treated just as equal as the regular whites.

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