Some of my favorite songs (and other stuff) :)


Favorite songs

Some of my favorite other stuff ;)

2013 was a great year because I met wonderful people, got Minecraft for my family's x-box 360, and the Kansas City Chiefs got better. I LOVE KAZOOS!! (and race penguin) :)

If you Can read this, you have a strong mind. Also if you can read it, like it.
My little sister

I haven't updated for a while, but I am in a different country now, and yeah, enjoy the site!

Its.Shoshana!! I met Shoshanna (Shoshie) in 2013, and she is now one of my bffs!

Last school year, I had the best teachers ever, Mrs. Glasco, my science/history teacher, Mrs. Rodi, my English teacher, and Mrs. Hodges, my Math/R.T.I teacher. Last year, I met another person who became my best friend, Jillian.

It sees you!

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