MMCAP Fund Is a Noted Hedge Fund Performer

About MMCAP Fund

Established by co-founders Hillel Meltz and Matthew MacIsaac, the MMCAP Fund was created under the tutelage of MM Asset Management. Using strategic investing, banking, and hedge fund practices in order to realize optimum returns, the managers of the MMCAP Fund concentrate on such financial strategies as capital structure arbitrage and private placements. The Canadian fund is supported by extensive in-house research in the decision-making process.

MMCAP Fund managers use neutral hedging methods in order to lessen any vulnerability to movement in the market, thereby securing ROIs that are not influenced by market ups or downs. In order to receive decisive results, the MMCAP investment team follows a stringent policy with respect to risk. Fund managers regularly monitor investments so they do not surpass the parameters set for the fund by the company.

Analysts who work for the fund company hold the certified financial analyst (CFA) designation. They apply their background and knowledge to a variety of investment areas, including equity capital, manufacturing, and technology.

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