Mac Basics

Nuts & Bolts for the 1st Day of School!

How do I take attendance and enter grades?

Ways to access the PowerTeacher website:

1.  Access link on Inside Liberty          2.  Create icon on Desktop          3.  Bookmark in web browser

How do I broadcast my presentations?

On the Launchpad, find the EasyMP Network Projection icon.  If you will be projecting routinely, you might drag this down to the Dock.

Turn on data projector and set on Computer 1 so the EasyMP Network Projection software can find it.

Open EasyMP and select the Profile drop-down menu.  Select the building and room number in which you wish to project.

Set tuner on SA - CD/CD and connect audio cord to headphone port on Macbook.  Be sure to turn up the volume on both the Macbook and the tuner!

Where are my pages going?

Click on the FileWave icon (looks like a small red wave in the top tool bar on the Mac).

Select Install Software and scroll down the list of titles to LNHS Printers and install

Choose the default printer for your office or classroom.  Since some printers have moved, please verify the correct location.

Where are my messages?

Outlook should be one of the icons in the Dock at the bottom of your screen on the Mac.  

If not, open Launchpad and click on the Outlook icon (yellow letter O) and drag it to the bottom of the Dock.  A space will appear between existing icons and you can drop the Outlook icon there.