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About Me

Hello I am Matthew Anderson, and I like to post video of a game called Minecraft. This game you can find and buy it yourself at this website.

I upload and post my video's here, and on You Tube. I spend alot of time and care on my video's so please make sure to like them. And if you have a You Tube account for your self maybe subscribe to me as well if you like Minecraft.

Below this message I provide all the information on what I use to make my video's.

How to make videos like me!

Recording Software=== I use Action (by a company named mirillis) the recording software can be found here:

Video editing software I use=== Sony Vegas Pro 12 (can be found here:

Audio Editor/Recorder=== Audacity (I don't always use this) the product can be found here:

Art Stuff (Thumbnails)===Adobe Photoshop CC the product can be found here:!3085!3!29870649018!e!!g!!adobe%20photoshop%20cc&ef_id=Ui0fMAAAATvd1fNS:20130926215304:s

Intro Maker===Adobe After Effects CC the product can be found here:!3085!3!29775330322!b!!g!!adobe%20after%20effects%20effects&ef_id=Ui0fMAAAATvd1fNS:20130926215413:s

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