Mali Mann

The Flying Doctors

About Mali Mann

Psychiatrist Mali Mann, MD, has treated individuals in California for over two decades. Children, adolescents, adults, and families book appointments with Dr. Mann to receive care from her offices in Palo Alto and San Francisco. Furthermore, she is a faculty and supervisor at the San Mateo Psychiatry Residency Training Program and teaches at the Stanford University School of Medicine, department of psychiatry and behavioral science. Respected by her peers, Mali Mann, MD, has earned numerous Top Doctor in San Jose and Silicon Valley titles; the Psychotherapy Committee of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s Catcher in the Rye Award; and acknowledgment as a distinguished life member of the American Psychiatry Association. She is a member of top international health care provider.

In addition to seeing patients in California, Dr. Mann volunteers with The Flying Doctors, or Los Médicos Voladores. This group brings medical professionals to areas in need throughout Mexico to provide care. Active with the entity since 1993, Mali Mann, MD, tends to children from an orphanage located 12 miles outside of Chapultepec. She currently treats 35 children up to 14 years old out of a medical clinic that The Flying Doctors established in a nearby church.

Although she offers psychological care for children with behavioral problems, sleep disorders, and other conditions, Dr. Mann also provides medical care as a general pediatrician. The fall of 2012 edition of The American Psychoanalyst published her article “Flying Doctors Bring Hope, Help, and Healing,” detailing the organization’s accomplishments.

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