Mandie and the Secret Tunnel.

By: Lois Lowry

Call to Adventure: Mandie's call to adventure is when her mother has her go to a family who just had a baby to help with the child. When she gets there during the full moon, Uncle Ned, A Cherokee, tells her her uncle John is alive and he can take her to him. She has to make the decision to leave. She says yes.

Supernatural Aid.

Her supernatural aid or Mentor is Uncle Ned a Cherokee who was a friend of her father. He promised Mandie's father, who was on his deathbed, that he would watch over Mandie and help her through her difficulties and reprimand her when needed.

Crossing the Threshold.

That night Mandie gathered her few belongings including her cat Snowball. She quietly leaves the house to join Uncle Ned and two Indian Squaws. Uncle Ned and the squaws lead her to the woods with provisions and the start their trek across the dark forest.

Belly of the whale.

The Belly of the Whale happens almost right after she crosses the threshold. They left when it was nighttime. When the sun came up, the people she was staying with found she was gone and sent a search party after her. When night time came again Mandie was exhausted. She had to keep running though because the search party was coming for her. She is cold, tired, and frightened because it is dark out. The search dogs are barking a growling far behind her but it sounds like they are right on her heels.

Road of Trials

While they are running they suddenly notice that the dogs aren't barking anymore. They decide to rest but they lost most of their food while running. So they are hungry and exhausted. When they finally get to Mandie's Uncle John's house they find out that John Shaw had died!

Allies: Uncle Ned, Uncle Neds Cherokee tribe, Liza, Joe, Dr. Woodard, and Polly.

Enemies: Etta Shaw Mandie's step mother, Irene Shaw, Mandie's step sister.

Supreme Ordeal

When Mandie arrives and finds out her uncle had passed away she was sad because she thought she would have to go back to her awful step mother. But Jason, the caretaker, said that they would love to have her stay there at her uncles mansion. While there she meets the neighbor girl Polly. She and Polly decide they are going to find John Shaw's Will. While exploring the mansion they find a secret tunnel. Mandie thought she saw a door in the tunnel leading to a different room but she could never find it again. Her biggest challenge in the book is trying to find this door in the labyrinth of a tunnel. When she finally does find the door she realizes there is another door in the room that leads to an office where she finds the biggest suprise in her life. Her uncle, John Shaw, who was thought to be dead!

Ultimate Boon

For Mandie her ultimate boon is her Uncle John. When she found him, she convinced him to stop playing dead and to come and be her father. Her Uncle John comes back into the main part of the house and when everyone sees he is alive they are happy as can be. But John has one more suprise up his sleeve. He tells Mandie that there is company coming and to put on her best dress. When the company arrives it is a beautiful lady who looks just like Mandie. John tells Mandie that this is her real mother and he has asked her to marry him. John and Elizabeth (Mandie's real mother) get married.

Magic Flight

For the Magic flight Mandie has a very easy return home. She has her Uncle who is now her step father. She has her real Mother and her Uncle Ned there to guide her home safe and sound.

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