Mark Darland

Mark Darland — Skilled IT Specialist

About Mark Darland

Computer science engineer Mark Darland currently works as an independent IT consultant utilizing Java technologies. His professional skills include software engineering, computer programming, and systems analytics. In 2013, Mark Darland was featured as a member of the Stanford Who’s Who list for his work in the technology sector.

Some of Darland’s previous positions have been with communications and consulting companies. At L-3 Communications, a Fortune 500 and IT and security solution company, he was part of a core team of software engineers that developed innovative client/server systems to replace a Microsoft-based product for the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) division of the United States Air Force.

Darland earned both his bachelor degree in computer science and from the University of Texas at San Antonio. During his studies, Mark Darland also worked at the university as a computer programmer and systems analyst.

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