Mark Waissar

Mark Waissar and Extreme Sports Camp

About Mark Waissar

Financial executive Mark Waissar currently serves as President of Ivory Investment Management, LP, in Los Angeles. In this role, Waissar manages the firm's marketing and investor relations. Prior to joining Ivory Investment Management, Mark Waissar was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley and a Managing Director at GCA Savvian, where he was a founding partner.

In addition to his professional expertise, Waissar also volunteers with non-profit organizations. He is the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Extreme Sports Camp, an athletic experience for autism. Since 2004, this Colorado-headquartered organization has assisted autistic individuals with both social and physical opportunities. The camp offers a one to one counselor to camper ratio, through which the program strives to teach basic life skills.

Mark Waissar also supports other organizations such as Stanbridge Academy, the San Francisco Opera, and the Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy.

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