Martin Raffol

Operations manager, financial forecaster, and real estate broker

About Martin Raffol

Equal parts operations manager, financial forecaster, and real estate broker, Martin Raffol has a career in business that stretches back more than 30 years. While employers appreciate Mr. Raffol's ability to juggle operations with budgets as high as $25 million, he prioritizes his relationships with peers and clients above all else. Over decades of managing operations for various companies, he has allowed the priorities of his clients to supersede his own and dedicated himself to achieving their goals. As a result, Martin Raffol has established a reputation as a "can do" individual who is able to produce unique solutions tailored to each particular project.

At present, Martin Raffol serves as Area Director and Business Broker for Murphy Business & Financial, one of the most well-known business brokerages in North America. Calling upon teams of brokers situated throughout the continent, Murphy Business focuses on a diverse range of ventures spanning commercial real estate, machinery and equipment services, business valuation, and mergers and acquisitions, among other interests.

The company maintains affiliated brokers all around North America and therefore has unmatched access to business buyers and sellers across the country. The company's brokers collaborate with these clients to execute quick and confident business transactions. Counted among the best of their brokers, Martin Raffol represents one of Murphy Business & Financial's most integral resources.

Away from work, Martin Raffol delights in spending time with his family. His wife, Christine, is also his business partner; together they manage assorted rental properties in their hometown of Natick, Massachusetts. They have three children, all involved in undergraduate and graduate educations. On weekends, Mr. Raffol plays league hardball and studies martial arts. He earned his first-degree black belt in 1996.

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