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About Martin Sumichrast

An active venture capitalist, Martin Sumichrast provides angel funding as a private investor based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He targets his support to companies in sectors ranging from real estate to social media. Before setting out on his own, Martin Sumichrast honed his international business skills as co-founder and chief executive officer of Global Capital Partners, Inc. The business assisted clients in the Czech Republic by facilitating privatization initiatives taking place a result of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

In addition to his finance endeavors, Martin Sumichrast has written two successful books. The New Complete Book of Home Buying outlines effective techniques linked to Internet marketing and provides advice on matters like choosing between an old or newly constructed home. Opportunities in Financial Careers furnishes a detailed blueprint on how to make it in the finance industry.

Sumichrast comments on topical issues related to the real estate market and other key economic matters on his blog, The Sumichrast Report. Several of his articles have also appeared on The Street.

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